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Hey there. So you need to reach me? Great, you can do that here.

Please note that as of October 1, 2021, digital planning and memory-keeping products sold at were transitioned to this site. You will not be able to download past purchases here from Holly Pixels. You can download past digital planning products and scrapbook products or anything from our vendors at through December 31, 2021. On Jan 1, 2022, you will need to contact each vendor (we'll provide links at that time) to obtain those. You will need an order number to verify your order with them. Any of my own personal products can still be downloaded there in your account.

Downloading orders from Etsy:

  1. Sign in to and go to Your account.
  2. Go to Purchases and reviews.
  3. Next to the order, select Download Files. This goes to the Downloads page for all the files attached to your order.
  4. If your payment is still processing the links will be gray - please give it time. If it doesn't allow downloads you will need to reach out to Etsy support and find out why. I don't have control over the sales process at Etsy.
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